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What make and model of vans do you have?

We currently offer two different van models:

E-350 XLT (12 passenger) For over 30 years the E-Series has been the standard for 12-Passenger transportation, inexpensive and reliable this is a great solution for moving large groups of people and luggage/cargo/equipment at a very economical cost.
Ford Transit This is Ford’s brand new 2015 replacement for the E-Series 12 passenger van. Our Transits seat 12 people, and are configured with the medium roof height. They are quite a bit more comfortable than the E-series, mainly due to the increased room in the passenger cabin.

Do you allow your vans to go out of state?

Yes we do. You can travel to any of the 50 states and Canada.

How many seats are in the vans? Are they removable?

There are 4 rows of bench seats (in addition to the driver and front passenger). They are removable and will pop out in just a couple minutes. You are welcome to request removal of the two rear rows to make room for your gear (We do not, however, allow removal of the front two bench seats), but please make sure there is a seat belt for every person riding in the van. Obviously this is very important!

What are the requirements to rent a van?

To rent one of our self drive vehicles you must be 25 years of age or older. You must have a valid driver’s license and you must have proof of current auto liability insurance in your name (company insurance ok). Please note that in very specific circumstances we can occasionally get a waiver for drivers under 25 years of age for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information.

What kind of miles per gallon can I expect to get from the van?

E-Series Vans:
We advise people to roughly estimate 12-15 miles to the gallon. If you follow our advice (see below) you can substantially improve this mileage. We have had clients report getting as high as 20 miles to the gallon.

What condition are the vans in?

All of our vans are late model vehicles (typically two years old or less). Mileage on the vans will vary due to the nature of our clientele. Given the size of the vehicles, it is not uncommon for our vans to have minor cosmetic dents, dings or scratches. However all of our vehicles are inspected by ASE certified mechanics on a regular (and frequent!) basis, and all of our vehicles are rented clean, and in excellent running condition.

I would like to reserve one of your vans, what do I do?

Give us a call or send us an email. We can get an estimate of how many miles you will be traveling and how many days you will be gone . Once we get an idea of what your trip is like we will give you an estimate so you will know what your final total including all taxes will be. When you have confirmed you want to rent with us, we will take a credit card number to guarantee your reservation for the van. That’s it!

What is your breakdown policy?

We offer a 24-7 nationwide tow service. We are extremely proactive when it comes to getting repairs.

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